Hi everybody,

I have a 2004 Isuzu with an old level 4 immobiliser with a blou stokkie that you insert next to the steering wheel on the right. The system was quite common a few years ago.Please see the attached photo of the stokkie.

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I recently broke my stokkie and started using the spare. Like a few times in the past I sauntered to the local Sound & Alarm store to get a replacement stokkie only to be told that they are not made anymore and that I will have to replace the whole system. I went all over the show being told the same thing. I get the impression that even if they had replacement stokkies lying around they would not tell me in order to sell a new system to me.

If any of you perhaps have one or two of these blou stokkies lying around I will gladly purchase them from you (provided that the contact points are still in reasonable condition).

Thank you kindly.