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    Question Awning on RR

    Hi Guys. Some thoughts needed on ways to attach an Eezi-Awn to a RR.
    I have a slimline Outback RR. The awning I have should sit atop it, on the one side, and I had someone manufacture some brackets to fascilitate this.
    My problem lies with HOW to attach the bracket to the RR. Bracket is h-shaped and slides over the rail. My thought was to simply dril a hole through the rail and fasten it with a SSbolt and self locking nut.
    I am just concerned about possible movement/vibration and subsequent reeming out of the hole I intend to drill in the RR railing. The awning is about 3 m in length, and there will be overhang front and back.
    I was wondering if a gromet or some kind of lining wil do the trick? In other words, the hole will be drilled larger than the diameter of the bolt to accommodate the gromet...(This will already provide space for movement!) I cannot use an inside threaded grommet, since I need to fasten BOTH legs of the bracket either side of the rail...legs need to have grip on the rail...
    Or should I simply drill the holes and fastened this thing...? Stick some rubber on the insides of the bracket to provide initial grip and prevent (more) rattling?
    Am I overthinking?
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    Default Re: Awning on RR

    Posting a pic or a drawing will make it easier for someone to assist with ideas.
    Guy B. Vergoes Houwens
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