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    Quote Originally Posted by heyyahhey View Post
    As far as whether an off-road caravan is a good option, also relevant is what you would be towing it with. We have a conqueror companion with an insta-awn, and four of us can have it set for a quick over night in 20 minutes (including setting and making beds, unpacking ground sheet, chairs, table, setting the awning and drinking a beer or two. And its very comfortable for 4. A friend has an iKamper RTT (which I have not seen on the rental market) and he can be set in 10. But not nearly the same amount of space.

    If its just tar and gravel roads, tow vehicle is less of a concern. Pulling thru some parts of the CKGR with a full load of fuel, full load of water, four people, and a full load of everything else, was a hard strain on our tow vehicle (D4 SDV6) - it did it fine, but the margin between fine and breaking something is smaller when you are so heavily loaded like that. Our next trip to there and Okavango will be in RTTs.

    Conqueror rents most of their product - including the most excellent Comfort.
    well put about towing and that is why when buying any trailer look at the weight of the beast! Every kilogram makes a huge difference to ease of towing, fuel consumption, stress on vehicle and driver. Also look at ease of moving etc. if something were to happen to you and wife and kids would have to do it on their own.
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    Basil, I can only agree with what some previous posters said. Seriously look at a light off-road caravan.

    I am using the Bushlapa as my reference for the sole reason that is the off-road caravan we own and have experience with.

    We came to BL from an Echo trailer with trailer top tent. We only did one trip with that trailer where we had a few one night stops and NEVER again! It is simply just too much effort and our luck was that it always rained the previous night, thus there was always miles and miles of wet canvas to fold up first thing in the morning. The only way to make multiple one night stop overs with an off-road trailer and TTT easy, is to take off all the awnings and leave them home as suggested by someone. But then you have an issue with shelter during rain and inclement weather.

    Since we have owned the BL we often do one-night stop overs without worry. And so far we have not found anywhere it would not go. Granted, we have not done Van Zyls pass type of adventures, but the BL has done Zambia, Botswana multiple times (including a soaked CKGR in April 2015 and Nxai pan in August) and Namibia twice. Towing vehicles were D4d Prado and currently GD 6 Fortuner. None of them struggled.

    Unless you want to drive the river routes in Namibia solo, I would not hesitate to take a small off-road caravan.

    Edit: just to put it in perspective, an Echo 4 trailer and a Bushlapa Miskruier both have a GVM of 1500 kg.
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    Just beware of the batteries on the rental trailers. I have often found that these are near finished so your fridge will battle. Test this before you have a week of food spoil.

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