Lockdown lessons.

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    Default Lockdown lessons.

    What have you learnt due to lockdown, about yourself, others, whatever.

    1. I am definitely OCD, and this has made me worse.
    2. I don't like house keeping, as Neil Young said, "A man needs a maid."
    3. I can go without wine, for weeks, nice to know.
    4. Can definitely do without DSTV. No sport, why have it.

    Would be nice to hear your lessons.
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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    Relying on DSTV for sport is like relying on NDZ for medical advice.
    People will pay E200 for a pack of smokes.
    People will pay R800 for a bottle of klippies.
    You make hay when the sun shines, what ever your "hay"may be, make it.

    Never thought I would be so happy to watch live snooker again.
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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    1.) Most travel to businesses is not required and people can truly work from home.
    2.) I have been able to use 2-3hours of traveling daily for exercising and family time.
    3.) School Buildings from Grade 8 is optional as in the new era home schooling will be sufficient especially with external clubs and sports for kids social wellbeing.
    4.) South Africa needs a restricted evening movements in order for the police to manage lots of crime.
    5.) majority of our population donít know the basics to grow their own food.
    6.) Home cooking is so much easier when your teenager also gets a turn in the kitchen.
    7.) home chores can be great family time and not just a chore.
    8.) many boys have learnt how to eventually mow the lawn, turn garden beds and what weeds are.
    9.) many parents have learnt that their kids are not the little angels that was made someone elseís problem.
    10.) many bullied kids have had time to heal and get stronger.
    11.) life is not just about sports, dop and a chop.
    12.) Some kids learnt his dads aftershave does not smell like brandy.

    Then the bad we know and see everywhere.

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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    A lot of what Mick said

    1. What I thought the First Wife does vs what she actually does (work wise) (respect, as I wouldnt put up with a lot of that shite).
    2. Her travel time was such a waste for her and the impact it had on our personal lives
    3. A lot of people have planning issues
    4. A lot of businesses sail close to the wind, (financially) more than I originally thought
    5. A lot of individuals sail close to the wind (financially)
    6. A lot of things we dont need
    7. We need to be more self-sufficient
    8. We take a lot of things for granted
    9. More clarity on my remaining years, the what, where and when
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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    1. I don't need to see people but I like seeing the people I do like
    2. I love interweb shopping
    3. Most shops don't understand rural addresses
    4. The more you think you're ready for the apocalypse, the more you realise you are not
    5. I have a lot of blessings and I'm married to my best friend
    6. Some other people have serious issues with marriage and parenting
    7. Many people panic about garbage spouted in the media
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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    Never ever put a Zuma in charge!
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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    1) We ate out a LOT and it costs more than we thought
    2) We waste a lot of time visiting people
    3) Contrary to most peoples' opinions our maid and gardener are bloody useful
    4) Most people are completely incapable of reading and understanding the most simple regulations and how it affects them

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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    Quote Originally Posted by jfh View Post
    Never ever put a Zuma in charge!
    Hell, is there not a 1000 000 thanks button
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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    1) Treasure your job. It might not be the best, you might not like it, but you should treasure it, it can be gone in an instant.
    2) Save up for a rainy day.
    3) Have a cushion to fall back on should you need to.
    4) If you are fortunate enough to enjoy your job, and do what you love, and still make money from it, you are truly blessed.
    5) Not all companies care about their employees, but some really do.
    6) Family and friends are important, and nothing can replace human interaction with them.

    PS, I am fortunate, I work for a good company, and enjoy my work.
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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    It is good to have a garage full of remnants of past projects.

    With the necessary tools, you can repurpose many items previously known as junk into something useful.

    I'm more of a landscaper than a gardener.

    The huge amount of wild plants suitable for a domestic garden on an empty plot shortly to be annihilated for a townhouse development, 500m from my house.

    Wireless LTE is not the connection to have for VPN to work. My goodness, the number of times I had to reconnect to just get one action completed! 4 times just for my time sheet last week.

    According to IT, it is the latency of the link causing it to be dropped at the other end. Draad is die beste, followed by fibre.
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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    1. I can quite happily work from home.
    2. We buy way too many takeaways.
    3. Teenagers are pigs in the kitchen.
    4. I clean obsessively.
    5. I can go without alcohol, but drink a @#$%#load of coffee.
    7. Our maid does very little housework.
    8. My wife does very little housework.
    9. Our gardener does a lot.
    10. My lawnmower is broken (or our gardener is a mower-whisperer).
    11. Netflix has a lot less that I'm interested in watching than I thought (I almost missed DSTV).
    12. We have a lot of crap in the house that we need to get rid of.
    13. If I work flexi-time it'll be from 10am to 9pm (I'm not very productive in the mornings).
    14. My son is a complete loner and if we could push food under his door he'd never come out of his room.
    15. He studies really hard and is perfectly suited to online-learning (my daughters do buggerall and are not).
    16. With the exception of my wife and kids, I could quite happily live without the rest of my family (quite sad actually).
    17. My wife and I are both extremely fortunate that we've been able to continue working (but my wife doesn't know anything about working online and doesn't want to learn).
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    Default Re: Lockdown lessons.

    1. You can happily spend time at home, there is no need to go out for entertainment
    2. BUT We miss the experience of eating out - ordering the same meal for delivery is just not the same
    3. Working from home for some is harder because you cant always draw the line between work and home - swambo is working longer hours than before
    4. Working from home does not work for everybody - i.e. me
    5. My teenage daughter unregulated can sleep 18 hours a day
    6. We spend a lot of money on crap normally. Our spending has been cut but not our quality of life
    7. My garden can go untended for 2 months
    8. 3 Labradors in the house shed an incredible amount of hair, based on the amount of hair we sweep up daily the dogs should be going bald.
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