Kaokoland - Namibia trip planning

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    Default Kaokoland - Namibia trip planning

    Morning all,

    I am planning a trip through the northern parts of Namibia. I have made contact with lodges and is gathering info in my off time (During work time
    when I should be working!!

    I will be using the platform to acquire as much new info on the routes as possible.

    I will take it step by step, so please feel free to chip in with information, suggestions negative and positive. I am here to learn through other peoples experience if they feel like sharing.

    Dates still undetermined, but looking at the beginning of June 2021
    Duration about 14 days
    Riders: 2 riders that is quite capable in rocks, sand and generally comfortable in the more challenging terrain than the avg Joe
    Bikes, 1 x F800gs & 1 x f800gs Adv
    Will trailer the bikes from Langebaan to Windhoek (This seems the most preferred way - time is also against us - Also we will go hunting for a few days after the ride)
    Day 1
    Windhoek - Spitzkoppe
    No issues

    Day 2
    Spitzkoppe to Palmwag
    No issues

    Day 3
    Palwag to Omungunda
    No issues

    Day 4
    Omungunda to Kunene river lodge
    Shops for meat and general supplies
    Also from here the going definitely gets harder day by day

    Day 5
    Kunene river lodge to Epupa falls lodge (Along the river)
    Shops for meat ect

    Day 6
    Epupa falls to VZP
    We will carry enough fuel until we hit Sesfontein (Any ideas for fuel incase)
    Can one purchase meat from the locals? We will carry enough rations.

    Day 7
    VZP to Marble camp
    Food any shops available?

    Day 8
    Marble camp to Purros
    Fuel might be available (if we can we will fill up)
    Food no issues -lodge

    Day 9
    Purros rest day

    Day 10
    Purros to Khowarib lodge
    Fuel Sesfontein

    Day 11
    Khowarib to twyfelfontein lodge
    No issues

    Day 12
    Twyfelfontein to White lady Brandberg
    No Issues

    Day 13 & 14
    Spitzkoppe again and the Windhoek

    Total distance: App 2200km

    Eagerly waiting to hear from other peoples experiences.


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    Default Re: Kaokoland - Namibia trip planning

    Trip looks fine just be carefull as time might be short
    some areas the distance cover per day is not as planned
    I did 3 week trip year ago one solo vehicle
    Mistake was tyres i had 70% left and i did Richtersveld and thought tyres would be ok
    Koakoland is 300 times worst for tyres i had 17 punctures , used 2 inner tubes lost 2 spares on the trip to tyres just been cut by rocks
    when i got home i had to change all 6 tyres they where history
    petrol and diesel was not a big shortage i had extra 60 lt in extra tank and did not used it while there normal tank is 80 lt
    food and water is best to carry your own
    roads was not to bad but dusty and corrugated , i had some moutains passes and only because i had offroad experience it was not problem
    one lesson i have learned for that trip " DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE HARSHNESS OF THE AREA AND TERRIAN ,

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    Default Re: Kaokoland - Namibia trip planning

    re "Omungunda to Kunene river lodge - Fuel? - Shops for meat and general supplies"

    Which way do you plan to go - the obvious place for fuel and supplies is Opuwo, and it's on the way to Kunune River Lodge if you go via C43 and D3701.

    re "Kunene river lodge to Epupa falls lodge (Along the river) - Fuel? - Shops for meat ect"

    Essentially none - there's fuel at Ruacana, however that's a long way in the wrong direction from KRL. This road is beautiful, and not as tough as we were given to understand, although if it's wet it could be a challenge.

    If you're interested, then have a look at https://unochoenafrica.blogspot.com/...iver-enes.html and the posts before and after this one for our travels in the area - didn't try to go to Purros/van Zyl's Pass, however we wandered around the area a bit.

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    Default Re: Kaokoland - Namibia trip planning

    Not to show you away, but might want to check in with www.wilddog.za.net as well to supplement the info you get here.
    To Operate Your Own Terrific Automobile AKA TOYOTA

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    Default Re: Kaokoland - Namibia trip planning

    Quote Originally Posted by pase4x4 View Post
    Not to show you away, but might want to check in with www.wilddog.za.net as well to supplement the info you get here.
    Itís already posted there, but surprisingly quiet.

    Malmoer send a pm there to Minxy and Hondsekierie. Johan and Barbara did a large part of that route not to long ago. Minxy has a good RR on it as well.

    Iíve done that route twice before but it was supported with a 4x4 vehicle. I would certainly recommend that. Itís really good riding terrain and without the weight of luggage and camping equipment and and and ..... it makes the experience so much better from a pure riding perspective.

    The best advice I can possibly offer is to look after yourself and your bike. Itís a remote part of Namibia and you want to avoid any serious incidents as far as possible.

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    Default Re: Kaokoland - Namibia trip planning

    I am also on Wild Dogs, but saw it here. A few years ago (I think 2016) I planned a similar trip. I have ridden the south and east Namibia on other trips. Due to time I trailered the bikes to Windhoek. A KTM9990 & GS650. Our trip went as follows.

    Day 1: Windhoek via mountain passes and dirt road (on a bike you may need spare fuel) to Walvis Bay then Swakopmund.
    Day 2: Rest
    Day 3: Henties - Spitzkoppe
    Day 4: Brand burg (depending on what route you take, there is sand, and some nice high speed sections of good dirt road)
    Day 5: Palamwag, we did not always take the most direct route and this ended up being a long day. We left at 07H00 and I crashed out 5km short of Palamwag about 17H00. This unfortunately was the end of our trip. I feel this day alone was way too long and we ran out of fuel

    I had enough fuel for 480km but due to our detour this was not enough. We had no fixed plan, and were just out for the ride, the destination came second. The idea was to reach Epupa falls lodge.

    On a bike I find 250 to 300 km per day works out well. You then have time to stop and sightsee, take pics, stop for lunch and not arrive exhausted at camp often after sunset, then have to pitch your tent in the dark.

    I defiantly want to go again to complete my trip, however I feel this trip is more suited to a slower pace and maybe a 4x4.

    p.s. 2018 I did Lesotho on the bike in the snow.


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