Spray painted braai dome, can it be saved?

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    Default Spray painted braai dome, can it be saved?

    Hi all
    I got this small gas braai with a dome lid, a very convenient thing.

    Problem is, someone went and spray painted the metal dome lid with normal spray paint, inside and out.

    How can I save it and get it safe for use again, will it even be possible?
    If I apply heat now, I get some potent fumes which only worsens as the dome gets really hot.
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    Default Re: Spray painted braai dome, can it be saved?

    Paint remover/stripper
    Sand Paper
    Lots of elbow grease / even sand blasting
    Here before & after pic of mine.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Spray painted braai dome, can it be saved?

    Papsak is right. Depending on the original paint paint remover will take off everything. Buy it plus brush and have some scraper/s. We have "like new" enamel painted plug and light switch covers etc.
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    Default Re: Spray painted braai dome, can it be saved?

    If heat paint for a braai is used, even with proper heat paint the first few times you will get fumes. You need to heat it up to get rid of the fumes.

    As it is a enclosed dome braai, proper heat paint is needed.

    I would be very warry, heat it up a few times and see.

    I would start from the beginning and redo completely.
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    Default Re: Spray painted braai dome, can it be saved?

    As an option, consider sending it in for enamelling or porcelain.
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    Default Re: Spray painted braai dome, can it be saved?

    Place a metal container in it with water. Switch it on and heat it up until it stops smelling. Use as normal.
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