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    Default 2002 Mazda Drifter SLX 2.5 TD

    Hi all,

    I received a non runner 2002 Mazda Drifter SLX 2.5TD 4x4 WL series engine on the basis of 'Ig you can get it running it is yours' and 2 hours later replacing fuel filter, bleeding fuel system, replacing glow plugs and using one of my spare battery I managed to get it running. Owner said he had turbo replaced but the vehicle continued to be powerless and he parked it off. I found it to be lacking power, as if the turbo was not functioning, first off I checked boost pipes and intercooler and found nothing wrong, then tested turbo pressure on manifold intake pipe and found it to be strong, but then noticed pieces of paper gasket sticking out on flange mountings, replaced intake manifold gasket with listed metal gasket and the motor was good and powerful again.

    Now I am busy with the braking system as rear brakes was non existant, this vehicle was used to launch boats into the sea, rear brake system was completely seized up and only seized handbrake cable on passenger side, this vehicle is fitted with an import diff and after lengthy searches I have been able to locate brake shoes, wheel cylinders, spring kits and adjusters but I can not locate the correct handbrake cables, every thing listed in catalogues Ford/Mazda is incorrect. Based on the left side cable the cable on the vehicle aas a long casing with short sections of cable protruding on either side, all cables in catalogue have long protruding cables.

    Hopefully someone can direct me in the right direction to obtain cables, I attached photograph of vin plate.

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    Default Re: 2002 Mazda Drifter SLX 2.5 TD

    If you have the original hand brake cable take it to the cable guy near you and get it made up.

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