10,000km review - Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventure tyres

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    Default 10,000km review - Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventure tyres

    The other day I completed 10,000 kilometres on the Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventure tyres I put on my Prado 120 about a year ago. With lockdown it's taken somewhat longer to get to this minor milestone than I would have imagined, but I've been able to experience these tyres across a range of different terrain: tar open-road touring and work commuting; sand dune driving; grade 3 and 4 offroad trails; as well as gravel mountain passes, and I'd like to share my impressions of them.

    When the time came to replace my BFGs (original KOs - not KO2s) on my vehicle about a year ago, and not having any particular brand loyalty, I did a lot of research about the different A/T tyres out there, and eventually decided on two that had received very good reviews and seemed to fit my requirements well: Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventures and General Grabber AT3s. (I had looked at new BFG KO2s, but they were well out of my budget.) Finally it was price that swung me to the Goodyears: R2100 per 265/65/R17 tyre, balanced and fitted, at the time around R250 less per tyre than the General Grabbers.

    To date I'm really happy with the Goodyears: road noise on tar is noticeably quieter and tar braking, especially in the wet, is a lot more stable. Fuel consumption has improved by about 0.6 litre per 100km (but no tyre will ever prevent the Prado from being a thirsty beast ). On sand dunes they give excellent traction when deflated to 1.0 or 0.8 bar, and on gravel they feel very sure-footed. On offroad trails they performed very well while rock crawling and up and down steep, slippery slopes. Coming from BFGs I had some reservations about sidewall toughness but to date (admittedly only 10,000kms) I've had no punctures and there are no cracks or chips visible on the tread of any of the four tyres.
    If I had to nit-pick, one area where the Goodyears play second-fiddle to the BFGs especially, and also somewhat to the General Grabbers, is that (to my subjective eyes) they don't look quite as rugged and adventure-ready as these two.

    If the excellent performance from these tyres continues, I'll definitely consider fitting them again.

    Hope this might be useful to anyone considering them.

    Happy trails, hopefully soon again.
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    Default Re: 10,000km review - Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventure tyres

    I have been running mine for about 1500km and they have been going well so far. And for the price who could complain. I paid about R11k for 5 265/75/R16 tyres fitted and balanced(Shoutout to HiQ online quotes being cheaper than instore)

    Its good to see I made the right choice
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    Default Re: 10,000km review - Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventure tyres

    I'm on the third set between two vehicles (The Series Landy is still on Goodyear 6 ply light truck crossplies. No need to change those). I have not had a single puncture yet and I use rough Karoo dirt roads most of the time and tar to Cape Town twice yearly. I put the first set on when I had two flats on a lonely Karoo road at the same time on the DC Bakkie. Since then never a problem again.

    The set on the Isuzu Frontier was put on after a blowout between Sutherland and Fraserburg which shredded the other make tyre. As I was in 4x4 Hi range I never felt anything. The only indication was my steering was abnormally to the left on a straight road. Stopping revealed the shredded right rear tyre. That vehicle is now on the second set which we toured Namibia with for 10 000 km in three months on sand, rock and dirt.

    Highly recommended tyres.
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    Default Re: 10,000km review - Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventure tyres

    I must say I completely agree with you on all accounts after having experienced them for similar mileage on my FJ. Having done a 6.000km trip through Namibia I must add that they offer plenty of reassurance driving fast on gravel roads. I am also very appreciative of their ability to shed water in high rain. All around great tyre, I just wonder about how long they will last and - like you - what we can expect from the sidewalls.

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    Default Re: 10,000km review - Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventure tyres

    I agree with you comments.

    Mine is now on 40,000 km. I do 5 wheel rotation and believe I will at least get between 60 - 70 k out of the set.

    You can have a look at my videos to see the trails I do with them.

    I do sometimes get a bit of feathering, but this is on very rough rocks. Even with this the wear is acceptable.

    Considering the price I will definitely consider them again. Based on my experience with them I cannot justify R1000 per tyre more for some of the other brands.
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