1953 Colchester Student Mk1 6" gap bed - A restoration project

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    Default Re: 1953 Colchester Student Mk1 6" gap bed - A restoration project

    This morning I set out to spray some etching primer on all the new bare metal areas of the various parts I worked on and the areas of the cabinet Carl cleaned and sanded.

    Here are the headstock and the lid ready to be sprayed.

    Getting to spraying took a lot longer than anticipated as I could not find my small spray gun and the normally used one does not fit into the drawer cabinet. Anyway, I gave up trying to find the small spray gun after unpacking most of the garage. It is there somewhere ...

    Headstock sprayed.

    And the lid

    The apron had three sides to spray, so it was fun watching the paint dry before we could turn the apron for the next side. Fortunately not, as Brain made the wise suggestion that I spray the cabinet in between drying times ...

    I ended up turning the stand onto its back to get the gun set with a narrow fan spray to reach the far corners.

    When this was done, we turned the stand onto its feet to tackle to topside.

    Carl cleaned the tray and I sanded the round lip smooth with a rotary flap disk to get the million two hundred and three twenty tens of dings out.

    Whilst trying to clean the coolant drain pipe's inside with a bottle brush type wire brush, Carl made the pipe go BANG! We discovered it simply screws into the socket welded to the tray! So this solves a lot of issues for me. With the pipe removed, I can get into the sump to clean and spray it and the pipe is now all cleaned up.

    I tackled the back splash plate and sanded it down to get rid of all the uneven spots. The epoxy I sprayed on sure is tough and it takes a long time to make any progress on it.

    Before we knew it, the day was past. Here the topside is all cleaned up and Parco washed, ready for spraying tomorrow morning.

    A lot of work done and not a lot to show for it! That is how the job progresses ...

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