Land Rover Discovery Accessories and outfitters

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    Default Land Rover Discovery Accessories and outfitters

    Hello Guys, Please help!

    Im having a hard time finding any outfitters or accessories for the LR4- for example:
    I would like to put 18 inch rims on with 275s i would also like to lift the car with something similar to johnson rods and then there is the fact i would like to put some expedition gear in the car also but i can't find any concrete provider or shop that can do this for me... please help or give tips, links etc.

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    Default Re: Land Rover Discovery Accessories and outfitters

    Eish, 18 inch on Disco 4.

    I had to go with Auto Compomotive. The price is going to make your eyes water.

    My 4 came out with 20inch low profile tires, awesome tire, truly a winner but you cant deflate on rocky terrain, sidewall snakebite punctures a problem.

    And the cost - I think at the time - 1 x 20 inch tire was the same price as 4 x 19inch tires.

    And 1 x 19inch tire was the same as 4 x 18inch tires.

    I got 18 inch rims and tires for a good price from Bruce, they work a bomb. One of the Cooper tires delaminted though, pity as they were good tires.

    My 19inch rims were actually quite easy to get, I got them from Landrover dealers who had clients who wanted 20inch rims, so that was easy to do.

    And, get roof racks and carry a second spare, I once had bang bang, both rear tires in the space of 20metres.

    And, get an extension rod and socket set to lower your spare wheel without unloading everything.

    I can pot pics if you cant find info.

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