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    Quote Originally Posted by Thys Willemse View Post
    This has been discussed a lot in the past, but I want to share this:

    My wife owns a 2002 VW Jetta 4 STD. Today, the 1st of May 2020 the Jetta has done 187521 km. We bought the car in 2005 with 80 000km on the ODO.

    The 5 original tyres were replaced on 15 June 2013, with a full set of Michelin Energy MX2'S, ODO reading 159066km.

    That transpires to her driving approximately 340 km per month over the last 7 years.

    She refuses to drive my Pajero Sport, saying it is too large...

    Over the last 8 months I noticed the Jetta's drive to be extremely hard on the road, and yes that car never sees a dirt or gravel road.

    Tyre pressures were correct, front strut mounts were replaced, the stabilizer bar rubbers were replaced, shocks tested, all good, but the car drives like having train wheels.....

    On close inspection today I noted cracks forming in the areas between the threads, and the tyres were as hard as stone, despite the correct tyre pressures.

    The tyre date code reads 1213, which says manufactured week 12 of 2013 and bought them mid July 2013.

    This then confirms the maximum recommended age of tyres to be 5 years, even if they have the perfect legal thread depth.

    So guess who will be replacing tyres as soon as Lockdown permits......

    I had the same, when I got my previous vehicle... the tyres had 45000km on, barely showing use, but they were ROCK hard. So obviously had it replaced.
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    Default Re: Tyre age vs condition

    This is the Dunlop Sport 2030's I have on the front of the Insight.

    Week 14 of 2016. Barely 4 years old. They look somewhat worse for wear.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wylie E View Post
    Hi Dani S, the tyre is still soft with as said before no cracks or anything. To Be honest I had a Landcruiser pickup 4.2 diesel that worked hard with heavy loading and the likes. The tyres on it also gave me over 100k a set. This was with offroad and gravel roading around most of Namibia. Incidently my Prado I have now had new Dunlop Grantrek on which have now done about 30k and are showing some signs of wear. I did a road trip where we travel backroads where we had to build roads and the likes towing an offroad trailer to boot. Not one puncture, drive around Gauteng and have had 2 punctures to date. I do tend to pump my tyres a little harder, gives less rolling resistance and alsoimproves fuel consimption with no adverse effects. Ride might be a little harder but not noticable. with the price of tyres and all andsundry I drive a lot more careful and gentle. pays dividends at the end of the day.
    Hi Wylie,
    Sounds like you look after your tyres well.
    We towed a Echo 4 all over the place and now a BL- Kewer.
    Been all over, Richterveld and so on, had 2 punctures on the Wranglers in about 400 000 kms
    On the Coopers had 2 in about 60 000 km and tossed 2 tyres due to side wall damage (currently running Wranglers front and Coopers back).

    I ran Dunlop Grantrek AT3 for 15000 km and they seemed good on road holding in wet and dry as well as off road.
    Sold the 2.5 Ranger when the tyres had 15 000 km on - got them very cheap and the Ranger was in the process of being replaced.

    Run my tyres at 2.4 on tar and hard gravel, off road drop to what ever is required for the road conditions.
    Danie & Marinda - die wiele is rond, dus moet hulle hardloop - afgetree nou leef ons net.
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