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    Default Suzuki Jimny recovers Land Cruiser towing a Bush Lapa in Namibia

    Good Evening All

    Last year July we did a 6,500km round trip from Cape Town to Epupa Falls and back.

    I was driving my Nissam Patrol 4.8 GRX towing a Conqueror Comfort, my brother-in-law driving his Land Cruiser towing a Bushlapa, and my father-in-law driving his Suzuki Jimny.

    There was not one time that the little Jimny couldn't do what the big 4x4's were doing and many times it did better!

    More often than not, discussions are held about which full size 4x4 is better, which invariably comes down to a debate about the Cruisers vs. Patrol........,but no one ever think about comparing the mighty Jimny against it's full size brothers!

    We have posted the latest episode to our channel showing some of the magnificent Namibian country side as we explored the road less travelled from Ongongo to Etosha via the back routes and in this very episode you have evidence of the mighty Jimmy snatching a big LC towing a Bushlapa that got bogged in the soft sand! What a day to remember!

    Please follow the below link to view the latest episode and if you like what you see give it a thumbs up and subscribe.

    Here is a link to our channel to view other episodes from our trip.

    Please keep in mind that this is our very 1st attempt at editing video content and we are getting better and better with each episode thanks to the great feedback we are getting.

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