Hi All

i have been a fanatic about all things Engines, cars, Bikes, and up to lately a diesel pickup. I think it is worth mentioning that I am very familiar with the workings of most things petrol and i know my way around them quite well. Not so Much on Diesel Engines.
i bought a 76 Ford F100 Custom , which has been fitted wit a RD28 and Manual Gearbox, far from original.
i have done some work on the motor such as checked water and oil levels, electrical connections and such. I have cleaned up most of what seems to oil leaks and the dirt and crud around the motor.

I turned the motor over many times by hand and then i connected a battery and attempted to start the motor, After adding some quick start and a few swings later the motor started.
it was running pretty decent for the most part, and sounded pretty decent.

the motor was running at high RPM's i couldn't say how high as the Pick has no Rev counter, upon using the accelerator (on the diesel pump) it didn't make any difference, if i closed the accelerator it revved a bit higher and if i increased the accelerator it died.

Whilst the motor was running i actuated the Diesel cut off solenoid to stop the engine from running, but it made no difference.

Once the motor was shut off , i actuated the Diesel cut off solenoid manually with 12v from the battery and it sounds to be opening and closing.
however it does not stop the motor from running.

i am not clued up with diesel motors and or diesel pumps.
is there something i can check, do, or service ? i have found a workshop manual for both the engine and the Diesel pump. but i have no idea where to start.

Like i mentioned it is a RD28 engine with a NP-VE6/10F2500NP100 Diesel pump.
Any Advice will be greatly appreciated.