With what should I replace my Disco 4?

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    Default With what should I replace my Disco 4?

    I have started looking at a replacement for my 2017 Disco 4. It is Swambo's daily and we use it for trips and holidays. It is perfect for our needs, but I'm allergic to D4's outside warranty/service plan, so it'll have to go sometime this year. The LR dealers are pretty aggressive in their offers on D5's, but I'm not convinced that this will be a good buy, as the Defender is going to eat the lower end of the D5's market share. Resale will be a biatch.
    Looking around, I've come to realise that there are few options in this space. I can buy a D5, or I can buy a Prado. I can wait a bit and buy a new Defender, or I can try and convince my wife that driving a GX 200 is fun. She won't fall for that. 200 VX is too expensive. Pajero is too slow/old-school. Then there are the road-biased SUV's like Volvo and Merc, but we need something with a bit more offroad ability.

    Right now, the Prado seems like the best deal, all things considered? I've driven one around Swakop for a week and it was a very nice car. It is solid as anything and relatively comfortable inside, but down on power compared to the D4 I'm used to. I have no idea what it is like off the tar. From a financial perspective, the Prado makes sense. I'm not married to a brand, so that part doesn't bother me.

    That said, if I can stretch my plans out a bit, it may be possible to pick up a new Defender in a demo or low-mileage used form in a year or so? That may be a more heart-driven option?

    I can't be the only one in this situation, so what are the other D4 drivers thinking?

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    Default Re: With what should I replace my Disco 4?

    Quote Originally Posted by dph View Post
    I can't be the only one in this situation, so what are the other D4 drivers thinking?
    Most I've seen are keeping the D4 and putting the extra money into a maintenance fund.

    BruceT switched to a D5, he seems happy. But most are waiting for the New Def 110 to launch.

    I'd hesitate to buy in the first 6 months to a year, though. Historically, LR's first batches always have had some glitches.
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