Back-up solar system advice

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    Default Back-up solar system advice

    Good evening

    I just moved office to an area where power is not very reliable apart from load sheding.

    Due to security issues at night I cannot afford for power to go off on the premises. I thus need a system that will be able to run say nightfall to sunrise, approximate 12 hour.

    At night it must power an internet modem, 8x50watt led spotlights, 4x30watt led spotlights, Meps energizer on a 120 meter fence with 18 strands, Hik vission 16ch dvr with cameras and power supply and lastly a standard alarm system with beams connected to 6 zones. The lights are connected to a day/night switch hence lights lights only on at night. The only other items is an occasional kettle boil and vaccum every so often and 4 tube led lights during the day.

    In my own laymens way I worked out that power consumptions should be around 300kwh per month, I think.

    I visited Solarman(great service by the way) today and they proposed the following system.

    5 kw Hybr axpert/mcer
    6x340w panels
    Roof mount system
    2x3kw lithium bat packs
    1x lithium batt cabinet

    Not to say I fell on my back

    Can anyone PLEASE give me some advise.

    Further notes.
    I am thinking as this system to be the start of the system that I want to be able to add to bit by bit to one day power my entire home at the coast.

    So components need to last and also be available in future plus be compatible to future components. Maybe I am approaching this head over heals, I am truly lost!

    Thank you in advance for any help!

    Kind regards

    Francois Gouws

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    Default Re: Back-up solar system advice

    You can omit the solar panels and charge from the grid. I have a 3kva system that I use as an ups but with only 2x 108amp 12v batteries. Run the server and wifi and phones from it. All computers are laptops and when power down we do not boil water and put the aircons off. We have power failures during the windy period and when raining season starts and only last 2 or 3 hours before they are fixed. Your 5kva system should tale care of all your needs with or without the solar panels

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    Default Re: Back-up solar system advice

    Thank you very much. Panels are the cheap part of the system.

    I need advice on cheaper options. The proposed system is close to 100k

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    Default Re: Back-up solar system advice

    You are looking at a 500W load for 12 hours. That's in the 6kWh territory. Put another way, that is 100% battery drain per night.

    If that is every night, then even your 6kWh Lithiums are gonna take strain. If it is only load shedding and occasional power supply problems, then you can get away with cheaper batteries.

    Maar, daar is n krinkel in die kabel. Guaranteeing that you will have power, every night, come what may, is expensive. When we start talking 4 hour load sheds, and twice a day, or long breaks due to supply failures, now charging time rears it's ugly head. You simply don't have enough time between outages to cover the next outage. MANY people were caught by this in the last load shed season.


    The proposed system will work. Not 100% guaranteed or fool proof, but it will work.

    The Solar Panels, are cheap, as you say. They will give you one extra layer of protection by providing at least some power during daytime outages.

    The proposed equipment is pretty much industry standard for this type of installation.

    The price, well, I haven't done a detailed costing, but it looks in the ball park.

    Depending on your supply stability, sometimes it is better to down spec the system and add a generator rather than spend megabucks on battery storage. ie design to have the system run normally with batteries for 95% of the time and cover the other 5% catastrophe with a gennie.

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    Default Re: Back-up solar system advice

    Quote Originally Posted by BigglesSA View Post
    ......., 8x50watt led spotlights, 4x30watt led spotlights, ....
    Your lights are killing the bank, money and battery bank
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