Long range tank for hilux

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    Default Long range tank for hilux

    Good Evening Forum members
    I wanted to fit a long range tsnk on my 2.8L hilux and I wanted to know from fellow members if there is possible problems involved by doing this, or advantages. How much distance does one cover with a long range tank?
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    Default Re: Long range tank for hilux

    I've got a 42L fitted above the spare on my 2010 fortuner. Only drawback is that your estimated range left in kilometres does not work anymore, it just shows 0Km. In my opinion the gravity feed extra tank is better as you don't need to switch over to an AUX tank. The long range tank just taps into your main tank and gravity does the job. Having a long range tank is very nice as it also helps keeping your center of gravity point low when overlanding opposed to having jerry cans on top of the roof. Range will depend on your fuel consumption, but having an extra 42l makes a huge difference. My 2c

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    Default Re: Long range tank for hilux

    Only issue is the Range on the computer that is no longer accurate
    I comfortably get between 1200 and 1400km between fill-ups with my Aux Tank installed - I normally work on 1200km range and when Towing, I work on a 1000km range
    Mine is 60L, bringing total fuel capacity to 140L
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