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    hi all. so the bitdi also has the 2 sockets in the centre console, one on top of the dash and one in the loadbin.

    drivign long distance my family of 4 has 3 tablets and 4 cellphones active at any given time charging a combination of these.

    what are the limits on these sockets and are they all running through the same 15amp fuse?

    dare i buy an extender to extend one of the sockets to the back seat where the kids will happily max out any available charging ports (2 tablets, 2 cellphones).
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    DISCLAIMER: I'm not an expert in the subject posted about above, i'm a member of an internet forum only and my comments, advise, suggestions and ideas should be taken from that point of view

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    Is it a 15 amp or 10 amp fuse?
    Phone or tablet charges at 2.1amp on a fast charger. 1 amp on normal charger. So you will be fine with 3-4 devices connected at once. You can easily extend the lighter socket to the rear.
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    USB ports are only 5 volts. Current is less than 50 % on 12v supply to USB port.

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    According to my info:

    Fuse 43: 25A
    - Electric socket -U-
    - Cigarette lighter -U1-

    Fuse 46: 25A
    - 12V socket 2 -U18-
    - 12V socket 3 -U19-

    I assume Fuse 43 is for inside cabin, and Fuse 46 for load bin ??

    You should not have a problem.

    I attach fuse positions; so, you can pull the 25A fuse(s) out to test if it is the specific fuses.
    I have never tested.
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