Greetings to all. I would like to ask for some advice if possible. I realize similar questions have been asked, but most are quite out of date and also some things are not necessarily relevant.

So here is the scenario. We would like to purchase a 4x4 vehicle. The use will be split between myself as a form of Daily transport, but more importantly as a vehicle to traverse up to Botswana, Namibia, Zambia etc 1-2 times per year. Thus the vehicle needs to fulfill both purposes. We have decided the best way to do this so far is to purchase a good 4x4 (then upgrade tyres, suspension etc.) but not necessarily do more as we would ideally purchase a off-road trailer (conqueror or similar) to make the vehicle more modular (otherwise we would have to put a tent on the roof, which we prefer not to). I generally like Toyota as they are reliable and more importantly have a vast dealer network. Within Toyota, the old/new 79s are amazing but very impractical for day to day use. As a result I have wittled down the list to a Fortuner or a Hilux. Hilux seems more robust, but I have also been told the fortuner is basically a Hilux suv, and as we will have a trailer, the Bakkie Cargo area is not really required. What do you guys think fortuner or Hilux and also manual or auto? (Reason i ask is due to the soft sand inherent to Botswana and added to this towing a trailer). Particularly taking into account the potential to go to places like CKGR, Moremi, Chobe, etc, and also that we will be towing a trailer which puts more strain on the vehicle.

Thanks in advance for your valuable input.