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    Hi Guys,

    Trust all is well. Iím looking for some advice from the diesel gurus. I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2CRDi auto. It has about 220k kms on the clock.

    I own the vehicle for about 8 months. When I bought it, it had sufficient power but was smoking a little. The smoking got considerably worse by the day and I was advised to service the injectors.

    Before any work was done the car was giving me around 6L/100km consumption and had sufficient power, was just lazy off the line and smoked horribly by the end of the 1st month of ownership.

    After servicing the injectors, we found that it was still smoking. After some investigation we found 3 of the rubber pipes between intake, turbo and inter cooler were cracked and was loosing boost. So after replacing those pipes and cleaning out the Cat, there is almost no longer any smoke and Car responds immediately to acceleration from the line.

    Issues that I have are:
    1. White smoke on cold start up only. Lasts about 15-20seconds. Dunno if thatís a problem.

    2. Consumption has almost doubled to around 10-11L/100kms. No matter what the driving conditions are. Recently did a 200km highway trip and consumption was still so bad.

    3. Car seems to lack the torque it initially had. Acceleration seems fine but car seems to struggle on uphills. Never noticed it before the Injector service.

    Any suggestions on what needs to be done to correct the consumption and lack of torque or any suggestions of trustworthy people that could look into it for me will be greatly appreciated.
    Car moves very nice apart from the above issues and would like to get these 2 things sorted so I can actually use the vehicle for the purposes it was purchased.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Santa Fe issues

    I cannot advise on any issue you having. I have the 2011 Santa Fe 2.2 CRDI.
    My consumption was never as good as 6l / 100km. The best I ever saw was around 6.7l/100km at 120km/h on relatively flat road. In town I am closer to 10-11l / 100km.
    I have a 70 litre tank and I normally refuel at quarter tank and if all local driving I get maybe 550km before refuel.
    I would also be keen to know what the consumption should be from others

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    Default Re: Santa Fe issues

    White smoke is the injector pump. Don't keep driving the car under these conditions. Take it to a proper diesel center as all mechanics don't have the machinery to service injectors or the pumps.

    They Will remove the pump if faulty and send it to these centre's and charge you far more than just going to them yourself.

    Hope this helps and you get sorted.
    Toyota Fortuner 2.8 GD6 4x4 auto.


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