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    Default Cape Town to London

    We have been planning a 3 month trip between George and Rwanda. Bought a 4Motion Transporter, fitted a fabulous drawer system, duel batteries, roof top tent, fridge, freezer, etc, but then later decided to just take the trailer. Space is still an issue, so decided on buying a Mobi Lodge caravan today.

    Now the 3 month George - Rwanda trip has turned into a Cape Town - London trip.

    What is the generally acceptable simplest route to take through Africa please? Of coarse I understand things change all the time, but I just need a starting point. Getting the car and caravan from Egypt to Europe seems a bit of a challenge at this stage.

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    Default Re: Cape Town to London

    Maybe worth making contact with Johan Badenhorst from the Voetspore TV series. One of their trips was Agulhas to Alexandria.

    I do remember entering Egypt was a challenge as they had to ‘import’ their vehicles when they arrived at the Egyptian border, get the vehicles registered with Egyptian plates and when they left they had to export them again. This was years ago (think 2012 / 2013) and Egypt was the biggest challenge of all the countries wrt the vehicles. Things might have changed since then but I believe they can give good advise traveling through Africa.
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    Default Re: Cape Town to London

    Get yourself on to , lots of advice there about routes. Lots of old hands at the overlanding thing there too. Click on hubb for the forums . They also organise meetings of like minded travellers, go to the south african meet, you'll get loads of tips and meet some interesting characters too.
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