Afternoon, I have never used this site but at last I got my password sorted out etc.
I have read several regarding the roads leading to the Masuasehube gate from the south and easterly directions.
Friends from Cape Town and ourselves from Fourways are meeting there in June. From there we will be doing a 3 week trip around Botswana and through the Caprivi.
My question is why have I not picked up people travelling from Gauteng to Mabuasehube going via Lobotse?
Then on to Sekoma and then heading west via the cutline. Our friends from the Cape will have to use the Tshabong road which looks very sandy for the last +-50 km.
We will both be towing off road caravans.
My question regarding the cutline from Sekoma, is it one straight road as indicated by google maps?
I have read there is a gate one initially passes through near Kokotsha. Does someone have all the gps points?
Is there a step by step guide for this road? Is one likely to scratch your vehicle? Or should I meet our Cape Town friends and travel together from Hotazhel?
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