Pool pump + Small Pump for Heating?

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    Default Pool pump + Small Pump for Heating?

    Hi all.

    Need some advice/opinions on the practicality of a possible additional pump I want to install.

    Currently I have a 5*3m pool. Nice and small and easy to maintain. Its fitted with a 3bag filter, 0.75kw pump and salt Chlorinator.

    On the roof I have 4 black pipe solar heating panels.

    If I run the pump around 5 hours a day we have nice 36 deg bathwater at night when we usually take a dip.

    Now running the pump through the filter and the chlorinator just to heat up the water is a bit of an energy waste. I keep the chlorinator at 10% setting as the pump runs a long time and anything more the chlorine count goes to high.

    Now my maths and thinking is that I can run the 0.75kw pump for an hour a day and it will give me 2 filtration cycles and set the chlorinator to 80-90% to have the chlorine level sorted. The issue with this is then I wont have nice romantic swims anymore in the evenings.

    So I am thinking of installing an additional pump with the right head and around 0.25kw that I can cycle throughout the day from sunrise to sunset and only cycle the water from pool to panels and back skipping the whole filtration unit.

    I am busy installing a proper 25kwh/day solar energy hybrid system at home. Instead of the big pump then taking +-6kwh of my generated energy, the small pump can run for 8 hours and only use 2kwh which leaves me enough to run the house as well as my geyser on most of the days with very little draw from Eskom.

    Has anyone done this before and how well does these small pool pumps actually work for cycling water up and down and getting some heat out of the sun into the water?
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    Default Re: Pool pump + Small Pump for Heating?

    Not sure if this will work out more expensive


    Saves on chemicals and does a decent job of heating the pool and retaining that heat, especially when running with panels as well.
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    Default Re: Pool pump + Small Pump for Heating?

    good idea - maybe a solar panel to power the pump - that way you cycle 'heated' water when sun shines.

    Keep us posted please

    what panels you using for heating please?
    pix please.

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    Default Re: Pool pump + Small Pump for Heating?

    I have been doing that for years now. I use a Speroni KPM 50 volumetric pump to heat up for 8 hours a day
    and the pool pump runs between 12 and 2 am.
    I must add that my heating panels are not roof mounted but almost ground level.
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