Evoque power loss and brake failure

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    Default Evoque power loss and brake failure

    So my mother in law's Evoque Si4 lost power on a drive from Cpt up the garden route this weekend. No warning lights came on, it just lost all power, almost like the turbo was taken off. Engine revved up fine, just struggled to stay at 120 especially up hills and full consumption was quite high. Then the rake pedal became very hard, almost no raking ability, you had to use both feet to push the pedal to get any braking! Quite a scary thing to happen on the N2!

    I cannot see any leaks under the car, brake fluid is full, oil is up to level. Anybody have any ideas what I can check? The brake pedal remains hard with the engine on or off.
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    Default Re: Evoque power loss and brake failure

    Not familiar with the Si4 motor at all, but almost certain you have lost vacuum to the brake booster. That will cause the brake issues you mention, and the same vacuum circuit most likely operates the EGR system. This failing would throw the engine management out of whack, and will probably cause the lack of power etc.

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    Default Re: Evoque power loss and brake failure

    Yes common evougue issues, unfortunately itís not always one thing but one sets off the other electronically.
    could be a few options, vacume pump, loose brake calipers, wiring loom routing was a LR recall near egr, can lead to complete engine cut out.
    all need checking out. Not sure who is your nearest LR in George but best get it checked urgently

    I think there was a recall on this in the uk so I would check with Landrover,

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