by: Chris_Br

Description: I have spent a considerable time out of the country and have used this vehicle of mine on my regular trips back to SA. It is probably the lowest mileage example on sale in SA. Only 25k kms on the clock and has a FSH with Jeep. It is in exceptional condition. And a bargain compared to other vehicles with over 100k kms on the clock. Whoever buys this will for all practical purposes be buying an almost new car. I would bring it across to Ireland, but the Govt here applies silly taxes which are punitive to large capacity motors and motors with CO2 ratings above a certain level.
I am contactable on [email protected]
whatsapp: 353871532181
I will be in SA from 15th to 25th Feb and will be able to show the vehicle to interested parties during this time. Location Bryanston

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