Hi guys tried searching on the threads and struggled to find info.
I am a real novice to the whole solar thing but want to do a half decent upgrade to my miskruier setup.

Just bought a 100w goal zero briefcase fold out panel and what to upgrade the no name brand solar controller unit in the trailer.

I believe they come standard with a 140w panel on the roof. I stand to be corrected.

There is an existing victron Charger in the trailer I believe it is a ac charger that I turn on when plugged into power.

Im just not sure what mppt to buy. Seem to see that the victron smart 75 seems a good option but not sure if it’s big enough for my two panels now or I can buy a ctex D250sa. Not sure if that would be a better bet then when driving. Can plug the car in as well with the Brad Harrison and have it charging from both locations.

also wanted to understand how I must wire in the portable panel do I plug it into the Brad Harrison on the nose of the trailer or shall I put it through the back door and go directly to the mppt.

if you were me what would you buy? Also would like to upgrade the national Luna voltage monitor with the victron one. Seems pretty cool.