Resetting odometer to zero - issues?

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    Default Resetting odometer to zero - issues?

    Quick question for a friend, any help would be appreciated.
    Nissan Patrol, 2016 - lights behind speedometer have failed.
    The car is at the dealer, they are saying they need to replace the whole instrument cluster. This means that odometer reading goes to zero. Dealer says they will provide a letter giving date and previous odo reading. My friend is worried that this will look dodgy and affect resale value.

    1) Can't the dealer just access the software and set the mileage on the new cluster to what the previous odometer reading was?
    2) Is the setting of odometer to zero and supplying a dealer letter normal practise in the industry? I've never heard of it.

    BTW this is happening in Dubai and the dealer is the official Nissan agent, but that doesn't mean much.


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    Default Re: Resetting odometer to zero - issues?

    I had a 2005 fiesta that they replaced the instrument cluster on due to it being in miles not km. The odo info was not on the cluster but is stored in the vehicles CPU. The techie was unable to change the odo reading.


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