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    Latest Information on Blouberg Nature Reserve (Please remove if posted on a wrong thread)Just to advise you that we are parting ways with Blouberg Nature Reserve and our last day as Blouberg tourism permit holders will be the 29th February.Our contract with the Limpopo government (LEDET) has come to an end and, despite our best efforts, we have been unable to secure a new contract.LEDET will therefore be taking over bookings and the running of tourism at Blouberg from 1st March.For bookings for February dates contact KuneMoya:+27(0)78 869 5240 or [email protected] bookings for dates from 1st March onwards contact LEDET:+27(0)73 068 3180 or +27(0)72 584 7475 or [email protected] already made for 1st March onwards:- these will be honoured and processed by LEDET.- we have forwarded all existing booking details, guest communications and enquiries to LEDET’s booking office. Best Wishes,The KuneMoya Blouberg Team“Give a man a fish and feed him for a day – teach him how to fish and feed him for life” Cell: 078 869 5240Fax: 086 510 4199www.bloubergreserve.comPO Box 2884, Port Alfred 6170

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    thanks...hopefully everything will run as smooth as before

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Botha View Post
    thanks...hopefully everything will run as smooth as before
    Blouberg Nature Reserve, especially the Modumele private camp site is very very dear to me - praying...please don't let it go down the tubes as so many other things wrecked by our beloved Govt.
    Rudolf Ras
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