Land Rover Not recognising trailer LED SOLVED!!

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    Default Land Rover Not recognising trailer LED SOLVED!!


    Hi all so i had this problem on my Discovery 4...let me explain what was wrong when trying to connect Venter Savuti XL trailer with LED lights and how i solved it.

    This is what was wrong and actually a very easy fix, it takes 10min. It really isnt difficult....At first i though OMG i know nothing about wiring and electronics and it would be a headache....but really was the easiest fix iv ever done.

    Indicators worked on trailer
    Brake lights worked on trailer
    Running lights did not work on trailer
    Trailer sway and stability assist was not working on the car as it was not recognising the trailer, and PDC's kept going nuts when in reverse.

    I went to have a relay box fitted at a tow bar fitment center and it just helped the running lights but nothing not go this route!!! As it still does not activate land rover stabilty and towing safety features.

    After reading through the forums i went to GT electronics in Boksburg and purchased two 10ohm 25watt resistors and placed them on both the trailer indicator lights IN PARALELLE!!!! VERY NB!! NOT will not work in series.

    I put back the original trailer wiring from land rover and removed that shitty little relay will not work with that relay box, you have to remove it. I tested it with and will not work with the relay box installed.

    I put back the original tow wiring harness with the resistors in trailer and BOOM!!!! Car now reads the trailer is connected and runnings lights also working. All is now good.

    Basically the LED lights on trailer or whatever it is you may be towing have too small a load to "sense" that there is something connected.

    Installing 2 resistors increases the load and...fixes all problems. 10ohm 15w will also work just fine but i used 10ohm 25w as the electronic store did not have any stock of 15w resistors.

    You can just buy the resistors and have the dealeship or any service center install them for you, they will insulate them propery and mount them for you.... cost me $6 or R90 south african rand for both resistors...and also very easy to do yourself....10min

    You will know it is working when you indicate.... the green trailer icon on your dash will flash on and off with your indicators, put you car into reverse and PDC should automatically be switched off.

    Done and dusted. Hope this helps everyone. And thanks for your help too.
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    Default Re: Land Rover Not recognising trailer LED SOLVED!!

    Yip, this is an old well covered topic.
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    Default Re: Land Rover Not recognising trailer LED SOLVED!!

    How do you fix those mini heaters without melting other wires or causing damage to paintwork? I guess I can use cable ties, but I am pretty sure they will melt over time. Those resistors get pretty hot.
    I had to fix two for the LED spots but they are (for now) hanging loose inside my replacement bumper.

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    Default Re: Land Rover Not recognising trailer LED SOLVED!!

    Just for those not sure where to buy the 6R8 50Watt aluminum resistors - MANTECH electronics stock these - R25 each. Just bought 4 today - installed in the Venter (with new LED lights) and the 2008 Treg is happy !
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