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    I am looking for a power distribution board similar to the HCDP one. Said unit works very good and is an al in one system that is very easy to connect and looks very good. But the price of the latest units are outrageous, especially since I have owned one and have a few reservations about the reliability.

    Are there any alternatives?

    i have a ctek 10amp charger, solar regulator, and a inverter. The wiring is a web of fuses and plugs. Everything done myself so I know it is safe and it works, and it is as neat as this setup can be, but I want a clean simple solution.

    And it needs to be priced so that it actually justifies the change over from my system.
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    The only other supplier I can think of is http://pbeproducts.co.za/products/pb...gement-panels/

    No idea of their pricing

    But from the few I have seen installed they are bulky and not near as sleek and versatile as the HcdP units

    (If you have to go lean budget why not search for a 2nd hand original HcdP Echo EPP12AS panel - very basic though)
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