Hi All,

Got me a low kms Doblo Cargo, for less than what most okes pay for a new set of 255 Conti Cross Contacts. Yip, read that again...

Now has 108 000 on clock, starter has died, Fiat no can / want to help. leads? Cannot find a service kit, listed, anywhere.

Then, when I start her up ( mostly a push start... ) the throttle pedal is non-responsive. Need to shut down and re-start within 10 seconds, throttle responds normal-ish....
When I change gears, revs "hang" for a second or two, then drop to normal. This has fly-by-wire throttle with semi electronic/mechanical injection. Electronic pump, mechanical injectors.
She charges fine, battery is new, not a re-con / used PoS.

Lekker little van, but need quirks sorted out, soonest. I need a proper Fiat Tech, not a "ek sal kyk en plan maak" type of bush mechanic. this van is unmolested, would like to keep her as such, my 16 year old laaitie is eyeing it plenty for first car cum campervan.

Please drop me a whatsapp, cannot take calls in office hours 7 - 5. Seldom online.
Primrose, Germiston