Challenger trailer identification.

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    Default Challenger trailer identification.

    Hi. This may have been discussed before but i'm trying to identify a Challenger trailer i had. Last year my challenger trailer was stolen out of my driveway. I had it a few year but had never seen one like it before. It only said challenger, Naboomspruit on its data plate with the VIN. No other name. So far as i can see the Echo 4 trailers is a exact match for it. They even look the same inside. The challenger is just a bit more robust. Everything is a little stronger and heavier. It does not have the plastic mud guards like the Echo. I think it was a 90's model or early 2000 model. Was only a few made before the design was sold to Echo? I have been looking every week for all most year at every advertisement web page i can find and have not seen another one. i would like to get another one if a can as i find it just a bit nicer to climb onto with the solit metal bins.
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