Has anyone here fiddled with the upper control arm ball joints on their KB6?

Looking at what the Colt guys do: https://www.4x4community.co.za/forum...all-joint-flip

It would make sense to do something similar after doing a lift.

I've got 20mm spacers on the front springs of mine which gave about a 40mm lift.

Now due to the nature of the front suspension geometry the lower arms had to be moved inwards a bit after the lift to correct the camber (upper control arms are not adjustable).

Furthermore when the front wheels droop they start to lean inwards quite a bit (negative camber?).

My thinking is to put a spacer between where the the ball joint mounts on the upper control arm which effectively puts the control arm back to its original position. Ultimately this should bring the track to its normal width.

Anyone care to share their thoughts?