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    Dear Jeep people,

    I have a mate who went has been on a journey for 18 months now. It started with a trip with a few 4x4 folks and a borrowed tent to him building a trailer and coming on camping trips.

    His vehicle currently is a 4x2 trailblazer. Great vehicle but lacks that 4x4 capability.

    He so far has looked for a Pajero but wants a petrol and is struggling to find the right fit. He has ruled out Prado's and FJ's. Does not like Touregs and now is becoming very frustrated. He has a wife and three girls and has to consider this.

    I suggested he look at a JKU. specifically 2012 with the 3.6, for what he wants it for a Sahara would be perfect.

    Budget around R250K

    Please can you keep an eye out and let me know if you spot anything. He missed out on a red one in Heidelberg that had just over 100 000 on it and looked really good.


    I would also appreciate any comments and info as they are not vehicles I know well.

    Any negatives ?

    Thank you, appreciated.
    Lusted for a Landy but the Pajero was sexier and bigger in the right departments, just like my Missus.

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    Only “negative” for his use is rear passenger seating for three, particularly centre seat, on long trips. Enough leg room, but seat base in centre seat is quite thin. Also helps fitting spacers to get more angle on rear seat backrest. ( cheap & easy mod )

    IMO..... 3.6 JKU is as reliable as any other 4x4. The less modified (big wheels and lift ) the better, when buying, then modify to suit end use as you go along. Rock crawling mods differ from overlanding mods.

    Plenty good JKU’s for sale so he should be able to shop around.

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    I haven’t done much overlanding in my life so maybe take my opinion with a grain of salt.

    From what I've seen/read/heard, a good overlanding rig needs the following minimum stats:

    Min. Reliability - 7/10
    Min. Ride Comfort - 6/10
    Min. Space for utility - 7/10
    Min. Capability - 6/10
    Min. Fuel Efficiency (when fully loaded/Towing) - 5/10

    I personally would give the JKUS:

    Reliability - 6/10
    Ride Comfort - 3/10
    Space for utility - 5/10
    Capability - 8.5/10
    Fuel Efficiency (when fully loaded/Towing) - 3/10

    My ideal overlanding vehicle would be a Land Cruiser 200(But of course you cant get one for R250k), I would give it:

    Reliability - 9/10
    Ride Comfort - 7/10
    Space for utility - 9/10
    Capability - 8/10
    Fuel Efficiency (when fully loaded/Towing) - 4/10

    To sum it up, if I was invited to go overlanding, the JK would not be my weapon of choice, I mean it doesn’t even have a stock roof rack.
    The JK to me is like a shotgun, purpose built, and dominates where it was designed to dominate but then falls short in almost all other areas.
    Again, as I mentioned this is just an opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.
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    Yep, can be done. See here.

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    I loved my JKU and I still regret selling it. It is a characterful vehicle and it made me smile every time I drove it.

    That said, at the time I had to choose between an Amarok and the Jeep and the Amarok was just a better option at the time. I needed fuel economy and space. The Jeep offers neither.

    YMMV, but a JKU is not an ideal long-distance vehicle. You have to budget for an extra fuel tank, as you will not see more than 450km on a tank and less if you are in a hurry. It has plenty of power, but you WILL pay for it, as it has the aerodynamics of a brick. It is also not a big vehicle, so again, I think there are better options out there if you want a touring vehicle. When those girls grow up, they are going to moan about that rear bench seat. I had the seat at maximum rearward extension and then nobody could comfortably sit behind me. Also note that the roof is a fibre glass canopy and it is noisy at highway speeds. It takes some getting used to and unless you add insulation, you will get a hot head on a hot day. The A/C's very good though. Maybe that was simply because I'm so tall and close to the ceiling.

    Just some thoughts. As a town and trail vehicle, nothing beats the JKU. You can dice hatchbacks if you want to and with a freeflow it sounds quite nice. On trails it is almost boring, as it can do anything. It will make you smile!
    But for touring and camping, I would keep looking for a Pajero or similar.


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