• Very competitive rates

• Free incoming calls & text messages

• No cash deposit required

• No credit card authorisations required

• Nationwide courier – Overnight service

• Sim cards and units / airtime for your own sat phone

• 24/7 Support

[email protected]

071 255 1977 - WhatsApp if you cannot reach me


Rent satellite phones from LimarSat and stay connected in areas outside cellular
coverage with no landline service.

Satellite phone rental is the most reliable method to stay connected, making it an ideal solution for leisure travellers, wildlife professionals, crisis management personnel, and pretty much anyone who wishes to remain in contact with the world, from anywhere on the planet.

We use the world’s finest satellite phone networks so that you can make calls on your satellite phone from any part of the world.

• To offer unmatched value to customers, our satellite phone rental service includes free incoming calls and voicemail.

• Unlike others, we do not require any extra deposit as collateral. Pay only the rental

• We offer nationwide overnight courier service.

• You will be billed for the initial rental period you specify when we ship your rental. Any additional usage will be billed later.

• Rentals are billed from the “required” date you specify, to the date that you ship your
rental back to us. You do not pay while the rental is in transit.

• Need to keep it longer? You can extend your rental at the equivalent daily rate.
Additional usage will be billed after you return it.Click image for larger version. 

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