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    Default Extended Warranty / Service plan

    My D4 just coming out of 5 year plan.

    enquired about extending - HO SH*T .......

    2 years 60 000kms R125k and a little change.

    I'll maybe do 20k kms in 2 years .......

    am i wrong to think thats a little ridiculous
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    Default Re: Extended Warranty / Service plan

    Took out a Motorite 2 year mechanical warranty for under 20k. Best coverage I could find. In 2 years there are 2 services that together should come in below 15k. That's a total of 35k.

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    Default Re: Extended Warranty / Service plan

    In the same boat with last service done on Wednesday with 78900 mileage and plan coming to an end on the 26th.

    2 year / 60 000 full maintenance plan extension quoted at R125 721.74 That is simply not on.

    Am looking at going with a Warranty Extension, (as I could not get any commitment to the continued honouring of a replacement in the case of a crank failure by JLR SA) and which also covers transmission, suspension etc. and roadside assistance.

    Also the 2 year service plan - but be careful; does not cover all possible service items and limits to oil, oil filters, fluids and lubricants, air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter. Service shedule item I have seen for year 7 from a UK publication includes timing chain replacement which is I believe a body-off process.

    Hence also what is referred to as a Power Up Plan which covers any other service items that would be scheduled, including the chain replacement. Donít want to find myself exposed to all service items for the next 2 years when Service Plan has above limitations. (Also if JLR are like Merc for instance, under the initial 5 year Maintenance Plan they do the minimum necessary but once you are on your own the specified service items kick in. Did try to get hold of Service specifications for 1st thru to 7th with no luck.)

    Total cost of R59 731.51 for the three above.


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