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    Default Re: Living with a Jimny and a baby

    Quote Originally Posted by MANDREAS View Post
    Whatever you decide on, make sure it either has a good quality seat cover or leather seats.

    Snot en kots is maar moeilik om uit materiaal sitplekke te kry.
    And put something under the baby seat. They tend to leave impressions on leather seats
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    Default Re: Living with a Jimny and a baby

    Quote Originally Posted by Hooly View Post
    I would caution you to think of your purchase in a practical way when it comes to deciding on a suv vs double cab, having owned more than one of each type. Double cabs are the answer if you are going to so serious overlanding, BUT if you have a baby in your house are you really going to do serious overlanding for the next 6-10 years? Small kids are terrible travel companions.

    The aspects which I have found are compromised with double cabs vs suv's are the following. Back seats are very upright compared to suv's, leg space is not as big. Most suv's have proper rear ventilation and some can be set independently from the front. Dust and water is a problem with transporting stuff in the back of the double cab. Maybe some canopies these days are better but I don't like canopies, they rattle and squeak. I always had roller bin covers on my bakkies. The whole idea of having a bin is supposed to be that you can load oversize stuff that can't fit into an suv.

    It's difficult to load and unload everyday stuff. The bins are too deep from the side unless you are way over 6ft, and even if you are, your wife may not be, so she won't get stuff loaded or unloaded over the side. To reach over the tailgate is also not easy unless you are tall, so you need to keep plastic trays with a ratchet bar to keep your small items like groceries from sliding all over the place and to then have to climb on top of the bin to retrieve them. The tailgates are usually heavy and uncomfortable for most women to use. Trust me your wife will hate using the vehicle by herself for this reason alone! SUV's are much more practical in this regard.

    These days, my wife drives a Ford Everest XLS auto (Non 4x4), it's a fantastic family vehicle. If I need to load dirty stuff like sods of grass, garden rubbish or things that are too tall to fit in the car itself I use a small trailer, or rent a big one for the day if necessary. This happens about once or twice a year, but I don't need to live with the compromises of a load bin on a double cab every day of the year.

    The 4x4 is not needed for my lifestyle as I don't need it to go hunting, tow my boat or trailer. I don't do anything worse than the odd gravel road. If I did use 4x4 occasionally without the need for real overlanding I would pick a 4x4 suv, but in the last 10 years of having owned 4x4's I can count on one hand the times that I actually needed or used it.

    If one needs a bakkie on a regular basis for work or you do serious overlanding where you would want to customise your vehicle for this purpose a double cab would be the only sensible way to go, but for using a vehicle for everyday family use and holidays I would choose an suv every time!

    But that's just me.
    Thank you for taking the time to put this write up together. Some really great points that are proven from your experience, so it ranks high with me. The idea of having the loadbin sits well with me as my hobbies (generally around motorsports) involves moving around lots of dirty things, but your point of living with this daily is a good point.
    Also, a factor to consider is that the wife will most likely have her own car in about 6 months, currently she doesn't own a car.

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    Default Re: Living with a Jimny and a baby

    You can also consider a Grand Vitara.

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