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    Default Toyota Prado 120

    Hi all. I am considering buying a Prado 120. More specifically the 4l v6. My budget only allows to look around the 200k mark. I have been wanting one of these for a couple of years now, but would like to know if it is still a good idea to buy one and what i should realistically expect for what i can afford. I have been searching all over, but cant seem to find one that feels like “The One”.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Also the prado will be replacing my old nissan champ so really looking forward to not having to wear a kidney belt while driving😅

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    Default Re: Toyota Prado 120

    Nice intro

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    Default Re: Toyota Prado 120

    Hi, good idea, yes. I have one with more or less that value. 2010 VX V6 with 194 000 km.

    If you are ok with the fuel consumption ( around 7km/l ), then it's one of the most comfortable, capable vehicles with the lowest maintenance cost around - for R200k for sure.

    I bought mine with OME ( soft front, medium rear ) and the ride quality is certainly better than any bakkie by a long way. Even the new V6 Amaroks and new Fortuners can't compare. And it still tows my Conqueror very well. 4x4 capability is also very good, especially in the sand. Traction control + limited slip diff + center diff lock works well. Diff lock would be better and would be kinder to the rear tyres on the rocks.

    The only thing I can realy complain about is the fuel consumption.

    Just don't get the KZTE. Probably Toyota's worst diesel made. Only South Africans think it's good.


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