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    Hi all,

    I've got the most recent version of Tracks4Africa in combination with a Garmin Nuvi 2495 unit. On a recent trip that took us through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi & Zambia, I've made use ONLY of the downloaded (offline) maps of on my phone (iPhone 6s in flight mode) while the Garmin was rattling around in the glove compartment.

    In my experience is better: Tracks4Africa does not even know the Mabolwe border crossing between Botswana & Zimbabwe and oftentimes (especially in the Okovango delta) sends you on weird 'loop' tracks (this might have more to do with the GPS capability of my Garmin unit than Tracks4Africa, I understand). I seem to be unable to preload trips I manage in Basecamp into my Garmin unit and is just as adequate for planning as Tracks4Africa is (even more accurate in prognosis of travel time).

    My question: why is this part of the Forum Tracks4Africa only as it does not seem to be the only adequate solution to our navigational needs, and (more importantly): why still bother with Tracks4Africa and Garmin, considering is for free (!) and you most likely already own a smartphone.

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    I find that each map system has its strengths and weaknesses.
    If I am going to a particular area I have a quick look on the PC before leaving to see which has the best detail.

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    OSM for maps on the GPS and Google Earth for planning a route and tracks. No need for T4 except if you are trying to find a petrol station or restaurant


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