Good day Everyone,

I am new to the forum but have being around the block a few times,

Have being fortunate to have driven 3 x Isuzu KB's,

Never had a issue with any of my previous KB's,

Love nature and rather be in the bush than at the sea,

Have a question for the "gurus" i lost my KB 320 diff over the weekend not sure what broke inside as yet as i will only be stripping and assessing it over the weekend,

I pulled both side shafts and the bearings had pit marks on it, also the driver side bearing cup was spinning inside the diff casing,

My KB's diff ratio plate reads "M 84" 4.77 ratio" all the places i have contacted so far cannot supply me with a 4.77 ratio diff but i got a brand new 4.55 ratio diff from Gearmax,

I cannot see that the 4.55 diff would make a huge difference compared to the 4.77 diff though maybe a 100 rpm drop in refs if i calculated correctly?

Any suggestions?