Hi everyone!!

I have a 98 Disco with a few Central Locking issues.
1st: For a while now the rear windows wouldn't go up or down until you had driven the car for at least 10 mins. After that, they would work normally but even they aren't working properly anymore from the Front Button Panel. But that's not the main problem.

2nd: The main Problem!! The car won't start (generally) unless I get out and lock the drivers door with the key and then unlock it. Then it will start!
But the next time I stop it it will more than likely do it again although sometimes it may work a few times before it stuffs up again.

The FOB will work (generally) but sometimes you have to pull a face do a little dance and hold it in just the right place. A pain in the arse (as they say here in Oz)
I remember reading somewhere years ago that there is a way to reset the Security system by locking and unlocking the car several times in some certain way. Does anyone know the method of resetting the immobiliser?? or, what else I might do to fix the thing??

Thanks for any suggestions or help.