Just been reading an interesting thread from Petri regarding traction aids, and their applications and benefits.

In the course of that, mention was made of fitting LSD into the front and rear axles of a Defender. I have read that Ashcroft in the UK do these as well as a couple of other companies.

A significant amount of my work takes me off road, predominantly on worn and washed out rural gravel roads, often with steep river low level bridges and departures, and the corresponding cross axles with ridges and ruts and mitre drains.

Often I am heavily loaded with staff and or tools and equipment, which does compromise the 'momentum' approach to things. I rarely run out of articulation, but it does get close on occasion.

The question on this thread is to find out from fellow Defender owners

a) who has fitted LSD's as opposed to full lockers
b) what are experiences in an African environment

Thanks for the feedback