Some of you've seen the add on Facebook for guy the cheap batteries and most of us questioned it.

My Supra needed new batteries. Typically I could only get 65 AH batteries in the cavities provided. I went to Dwayne in Germiston and it turns out he is running a fishing shop and needed batteries for the trawling motors on rubber ducks. Batteries was to expensive so he started importing it himself. I got 2 x 100 Ah CSB batteries from him for R 1200 each, which was actually smaller than the 65's due to a smooth casing - they fit the supra with 3mm all around.

ANyway- disconnected the trailer from power on Sunday at 10h00 and forgot to remove the fridge. No charging and the batteries are at 11.6V now.

SO if you need batteries (he also sells Royal's for R1750) - call Dwayne @ Specimen inflatables. +27 83 895 5648