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    Default Vitara onboard range calculation?

    Hi everyone.
    I recently bought a 2016 Vitara Allgrip and absolutely love it!
    The most technologically advanced car I owned before it was the Jimny so you can imagine the fun I am having with all the little buttons etc.
    I have a question about the range value that the car is displaying. As I understand it the Vitara has a 47 liter tank and according to the trip computer I am getting about 13km to a liter.
    What I don't understand is that, after filling up, the vehicle is showing a range of only 460km. Surely it should be closer to 600km?
    Am I not understanding this?
    Please help
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    Default Re: Vitara onboard range calculation?

    The trip computer is out with about 2-3km/L to actual usage.
    My 2015 Swift 1.4gls and 2015 Ertiga was the same. the swiftsport does the same. as well as the Vitara.
    The trip computer is a good indicator but you shouldn't rely on it.
    The trip computer also shows 0 km left when the low fuel light goes on. but you can do at least 20-40km still.

    Alll the new generation Zooks seems to be really accurate with it's consumption calculator.


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