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Thread: Zimbabwe 2021

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    Default Zimbabwe 2021

    We are looking at doing a Zimbabwe trip in 2021
    Date options
    1 - 19 march to 11 April
    2 - 16 April to 9 May
    3 - 23 April to 14 May

    The route we are looking at
    Day 1 - PE to Jhb
    Day 2 - Jhb to Tsipisie - Forever Resort Self Catering
    Day 3 - Tsipise to Gonarezhou NP via Biet Bridge along A4 Mwenezi, Rutenga, Ngundu, onto A10 to Chiredzi to Gonarezhou NP - Camping Chipinda Pools - Set 8 hrs Travel including border crossing
    Day 4 - Gonarezhou NP - Camping Chipinda Pools
    Day 5 - Gonarezhou NP to Nyanga NP via A10 Birchenough Bridge, Mutare, then A15 to Nyanga NP - Camping Mutarazi Falls - Set 8 hrs travel
    Day 6 - Nyanga NP - Camping Mutarazi Falls
    Day 7 - Nyanga NP to Chinhoyi Caves via A14 to Rusape, A3 to Harare, A1 to Chinhoyi - B&B TBA - Set 7 Hrs Travel
    Day 8 - Chinhoyi to Mana Pools NP via A1 to Marongora to Mana Pools NP - Camping Nyamepi - Set 6 Hrs Travel
    Day 9 - Mana Pools NP - Camping Nyamepi
    Day 10 - Mana Pools NP to Kariba via Makuti - Camping Waterhog bush Camp - Set 5 Hrs Travel
    Day 11 - Kariba - Camping Waterhog Bush Camp
    Day 12 - Kariba to Mlibizi via ferry (Monday or Tuesday?) need to plan trip around ferry schedule
    Day 13 - Mlibizi to Zambezi NP - Accommodation with Friends - Set 6Hrs Travel
    Day 14 - Zambezi NP - Accommodation with Friends
    Day 15 - Zambezi NP to Hwange NP via A8 - Camping Main Camp - Set 5 Hrs Travel
    Day 16 - Hwange NP - Camping Main Camp
    Day 17 - Hwange NP to Matobos NP via A8 to Bulowayo on to Matobos NP - Camping Maleme or Big Cave - Set 5 Hrs Travel
    Day 18 - Matobos NP - Camping Maleme or Big Cave
    Day 19 - Matobos NP to Zimbabwe Ruins via Bulawayo to A6 to Mbalaba to A9 to Masvingo to Zimbabwe Ruins - Camping Norma Jeans - set 5 Hrs Travel
    Day 20 - Zimbabwe Ruins - Camping Norma Jeans
    Day 21 - Zimbabwe Ruins to Beit Bridge via A4 - B&B Beit Bridge TBA - Set 5 Hrs Travel
    Day 22 - Beit Bridge to Bella Bella - SC Warmbaths - Set 8 Hrs Travel including Border crossing
    Day 23 - Bella Bella to Gariep Dam - B&B TBA - Set 9 Hrs Traveling
    Day 24 - Gareip Dam to PE - Set 6 Hrs traveling

    Input would be appreciated on
    - the route
    - road conditions
    - travel times
    - deisel stops and availability
    - butchers on the routes
    - groceries stops on the routes
    - road blocks on routes
    - speed on routes
    - currency to use
    - availability of cash
    - accommodation and camping options at each stop
    - places to visit on the routes and stops
    - Kariba Ferry schedule days and regularity to Mlibizi
    - any other advice etc.

    We will be traveling in a 1999 3lt Deisel Prado
    - We will have our normal 4x4/offroad kit etc.
    - 2nd Spare? is it necessary
    - Jerry cans? are they needed
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    Default Re: Zimbabwe 2021

    Hi Danman1. My first observation is your travelling time percentage to camping time percentage is very high and you will be spending a lot of time in the car plus fuel usage will be high. This will make for a very tiring trip and will take the enjoyment out of your holiday.2. I would suggest if I may that you rather plan 2 trips. 1 trip to Gonarezhou, Save'Conservancy, Eastern Highlands and then return via Masvinga and Kyle Nat Park, Zim Ruins and then Matopos exiting at Plumtree. 2nd trip to the Zambezi corridor Hwange, Vic Falls Chizarira, Kariba (Gacha Gacha) and Mana. Gonarezhou you need to spend at least 3 days in the South, Travel through central and sleep on the platform and then at least 4 days in the North. Save Conservancy deserves at least 3 nights at Humani Ranch or Mokore Ranch. Any details required please PM me on any of these areas.
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    Default Re: Zimbabwe 2021

    Agreed with Mike, it looks very rushed.

    But the first thing I would do is get through the border on day 1 and stay at somewhere like the Lion & Elephant. It just makes the trip into Gona so much more relaxed.

    As to fuel etc 2021 is still far away and lots can change in Zim in that time.

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    Default Re: Zimbabwe 2021

    I think most people will agree, cramming too many places in the time allowed.
    To get all the way up to Mana Pools for what looks like 2 nights is one hell of a drive. It is too special to only spend 2 days.
    Out of all the other parks could you not cut some of them out and experience Mana Pools and even Hwange longer.

    Placed the link if you have not seen it yet, others may like to look also.

    It will cost around R7000.00 from Kariba on the Sea Lion.

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    Default Re: Zimbabwe 2021

    Hi Danman,

    I have done the same type of trip in Zimbabwe June this year. I agree with the other comments that you are spending to little time at each destination.
    Maybe split the trip between Eastern side and Western Side of Zimbabwe. So in this trip do a focus on either the East or West.

    If you want help with bookings and route planning for your trip in Zimbabwe, feel free to contact Ultimate Routes at: [email protected]

    Francois Erasmus

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