Tanduma Road (Zambia)

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    I am traveling December 2019 from Kenya to South Africa via Zambia. Can anybody assist in telling me what the road conditions are currently between Chinsali and Tanduma (Zambia), as it that will determine if I take the T2 Highway or I travel through Malawi. When I passed through the area in December 2018 the last 90Km to the Zambia /Tanzania boarder were very bad on the Zambian side

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    Yes, that section wasnít great in July 2018, but I donít know if going the long way through Malawi is any better than the relatively short 100 kms or so from Tunduma to Chinsali. But the rest of the Great North Road through Zambia is really rather good.

    Please let the forum know when you have done your trip.

    Safari njema!

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    We've just done that road last month (Oct 2019) for the umpteenth time - and yes, its certainly not great.

    The first 5-10 km heading out of Tunduma/Nakonde southwards is absolutely horrendous : dead slow, first gear, essentially offroad driving. Completely broken up tar islands, rather than potholes. Then follows a further 40km or so of really bad tar, with dangerous shoulders and some real beauties in the pothole department. Fortunately for large parts of this section a semi-decent dirt two-spoor has developed next to the main road. The further you get away from Nakonde the better the road gets. From Kalungu to Isoka (first 100km south of Kalungu) you'll still find frequent axe-breaker potholes, but also sections where they are actively working and repairing the road. We got the impression that some kind of large-scale rebuilding of the road is in progress, but a local friend reckoned that that has largely stalled after most of the budget mysteriously disappeared (Africa-style). Finally, about 150km SE of Kalungu, you're back on reasonable tar, all the way to Mpika (except within Mpika town itself, where the road is actively being rebuilt, and currently all gravel).

    Travel times for us were (towing): Tunduma-Kalungu 1h30, Kalungu-Isoka 1h40, Isoka-Chinsali 1h50, Chinsali-Shiwa 1h20, Shiwa-Mpika 1h00.

    South of Mpika the tar is mostly good, with occasional spectacular potholes. Just watch out for the sudden tell-tale truck brake- and skidmarks on the tarmac!

    Malawi alternative - not so sure... We did it recently as well, and I'd tend to agree with Wazungu Wawili - we preferred the Zambian side, for various reasons. Just remain forever vigilant re: the Tanzanian trucks, and especially the big Zambian buses. They still drive kamikaze-style, and knows no other way.


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