I know there was a thread a few months back listing the multi day trials in South Africa, but I canít seem to find that thread now. Please point me in the right direction and mods can close this thread if the other one is still active.

But I thought it would be cool to have a list of all the multi day trials around SA.


1. Proper dedicated 4x4 trail (not a rough section of public road, not overland routes)

2. At least 2 days long, with at least 1 dedicated overnight stop on Route.

Routes can be either linear or circular, guided or selfguided, catered or self catering. Camping/lodging/chalets etc, doesnít matter, as long as there is a starting point, end point and at least one overnight stop along the way.

post 2 will be reserved for listing trails.

Feel free to post your recommendations with some notes about the trail.

letís try stick to the following format:

Trail Name:
duration: x Days
accomodation type:
Grade: 1-5
Guided: Yes/No
Catered: Yes/No (Add description if needed - Lunch provided on route/All meals etc etc)
Number of vehicles allowed: min/max
Booking Contact:
General Comments/Notes: