Terios, would you buy ?

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    Default Terios, would you buy ?

    I am in the market for a run around for my wife. We live on a farm and need some ground clearance under the car (her current Peugeot has less than a Ferrari)
    I am looking at a 2011 Terios that is in mint condition. Has 124000Km on the clock with full service history. I contacted the previous owner who informed me the closest it came to an accident was an altercation with a shopping trolley and they had the front passenger door re sprayed.
    What is the spares situation with them ? I am worried about in 5 years time when I need a headlight or body panel .....
    Engine and mechanical s appear to be 100% Toyota Avanza ... ?
    Any advice

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    Default Re: Terios, would you buy ?

    Not sure about the spares availability but they are fantastic little vehicles.

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    Default Re: Terios, would you buy ?

    Dave, next time you in George go to Grandmark (close to Sasol garage in Albert Rd) Ask to see what light, taillight, body part are available for the Terios.

    If it is an 4x4 Terios....just go for it, it will have better ground clearance than your Patrol

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    Default Re: Terios, would you buy ?

    You all know how much I love my Terios.

    In short, yes go for it if its the 4wd version, and if it is looked after.. (they are donkey car slow, but you learn to live with that)

    I think if something major goes on my car, I would go raid a few scrapyards.

    I bought mine with 104 000/114 000km on. And currently sitting on 143 000km. Average fuel consumption of 9.4L/100km.

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    Default Re: Terios, would you buy ?

    Great car - a friend has one.
    Needed a part recently and had to be freighted from Japan. It seems not all Avanza parts will fit.

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