Ford & Mazda Double cab sales figures

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    Default Double cab sales figures

    Interesting reading regarding double cab sales figures.

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    Yeah, it is a well known secret that Ford enjoys lead in the double cap segment, I think they have been trying very hard to break into single and extra cab segment but with little success so far. Toyota is bullet proof in those segments and Isuzu too is n't make it easier.

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    I wonder where the magazine got the numbers from?

    In the areas (Boland = Stellenbosch/Paarl; Helderberg = Somerset West/Strand; Hexriver Valley = Worcester/Rawsonvile) which I travel a lot, I see more Ford SuperCabs than their Toyota competition. Even more Isuzu's than the Toyota version. Maybe it is due to the area which is agricultural based.

    And by the way, I drive a Ford SuperCab because of the convenience of their doors (and access to the space behind front seats). The other brands' extended cab features is difficult/different to get into.


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