I am going on a trip to Richtersveld next year with my dad and he will be using his 2017 VW Tiguan 2 TSi 4motion. Currently he is running the standard factory tyres 245/55/18, and be is olanning on increasing the tyre size to 245/60/18.

Does anyone know if there will be any problems with the ECU, abs, traction control, and 4wheel drive system. Theoretically if we look at the tyre size calculators he will increase from a 28" road tyre to a 29" all terrain which is better suited for the Richtersveld driving terrain. We know it will affect fuel consumption and make the engine and drivetrain work a little harder, but we are trying to determine if this will influence the electronics and reliability of the vehicle, and if the comouter will have to be reprogrammed to compensate for the new tyre size.

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.