Good day everyone

I've finally got the Surf (1992 LN130 with 7MGE) up and running. See this thread; 7MGE Resleeve?

I ran into a few snags though and would like some more info on how to solve these problems.

1. The Throttle Position Sensor is disconnected. When it is connected, the idling goes up and down continuously when it warms up. I checked the Ohms on the TPS according to the Toyota repair manual and everything is withing spec.
I'm not exactly sure of the RPM as my rev counter's needle is way below the zero when off, but it seems to idle at around 1500 to 2000 rpm.
Would these 2 symptoms be related?
And how does it even idle without the TPS connected?

2. There seems to be a sort of "misfire" / rough idling and even when accelerating, it is as if there is a miss - almost like a dead plug. I did replace the plugs, HT leads, rotor & distributor cap with new ones.
Can this possibly be caused by an injector or might it have something to do with the TPS?

3. And then there is the vacuum tubing
Has anyone got pics of where which hose must go? I can't seem to find an exact diagram even in the repair manual.
Could this also cause some of the problems mentioned above?
Please remember this 7MGE is in a Surf. The front diff is an Automatic Disconnecting Diff which also works with vacuum. This comes from 2 VSV's located close to the brake booster. See here

4. Also, my brakes seem excessively hard. Maybe I have rerouted all the vacuum hoses wrong?

Any help would be appreciated as I didn't strip the vehicle.